At Candlebright ‘n’ Crafty Things, we care for the environment and want the world to be a clean, healthy place for our children and our children’s children to grow up in. One of the ways that we do our part is to re-use all our packaging materials where we can. When we receive stock parts, we keep the box and the inside packaging to re-use for sending out orders.

Sometimes this does involve bubble wrap because of the fragile nature of your candles and we want to make sure that they arrive to you in excellent condition. We are looking at ways to reduce this use of plastic and as time goes on we will change to a better option.

All of Candlebright ‘n’ Crafty Things soy wax and cocosoy wax is supplied by Luxury Candle Supplies, official Melbourne distributor of All Seasons Wax co.

Below is the information from All Seasons Wax Co.


It is crucially important that it is not only our organisation which has a policy on environmental sustainability, but that it filters up the supply chain to the farmers and the producers of our raw materials.
At All Seasons Wax Co we’ve spent weeks and months carefully selecting suppliers which have environmental policies that align with ours.
Our primary raw ingredient aggregator is based in Beijing, is also a recognised member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) and it was our partnership with them which allowed us to become a certified member of the RSPO organisation.
Our soybeans are sourced from one of the largest, high profile agricultural producers in Brazil. Our soya oil is of premium quality and you will notice how clean and easy to work with all of our waxes are.


At All Seasons Wax Co the bulk of our products are stored and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes. Cardboard is seen already recognised as having a significantly smaller impact on the environment when compared to plastic due to its 3 month decomposition time.
In an effort to uphold our commitment to environmental sustainability, we’ve opted to have all our boxes produced from recycled materials.

Along the product development phase we also made strategic decisions to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging – reducing the total number of bags used per package.


There are many benefits of using palm wax when making candles. It is a 100% natural product, a harder compound than soy and its usage normally results in a candle with a long and consistent burn time.  Palm wax also does not have the adhesion issues which soy wax often does, so it’s no wonder more candle makers around the world are adding palm to their blends in order to achieve the perfect wax.
However, the present issue with utilising palm wax is that when the farming process is not regulated, it can result in mass deforestation, pollution and the destruction the eco-systems which many endangered animals live.

At All Seasons Wax Company we as an organisation have made the deliberate and conscious decision to source any palm oil product exclusively from RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified sources.
Despite not directly farming palm oil ourselves, we have registered and been approved as an associate member of the RSPO – which includes a review of our supply chain and yearly contributions which go back into conservation.
We can’t speak for other companies and for other waxes, but what we can guarantee, is that when you buy any All Seasons Wax Company product you can be sure that any product utilising palm wax has been sourced from a registered and certified organisation.

Our Palm wax supplier is Eroma

All our palm waxes are non-GM modified, 100% palm oil based, natural and environmentally friendly. During solidification, palm wax forms an amazing pattern of crystal structures. It is one of the hardest natural waxes, meaning it is ideal for free-standing pillar candles, ships well in all climates and tolerates a high fragrance load to enhance your scent throw. The following is some benefits of using palm wax:

  • It burns clean and efficiently with no soot
  • It is non-toxic and contains no harmful petrochemicals
  • The flame is bright
  • It holds its fragrance
  • It has a long burning time, steady burning and is smokeless
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It is a harder wax that can withstand hot temperatures without melting or going soft


If you are looking for an environmentally responsible, non-genetically modified palm wax, then our range is what you need. There has been quite a bit of press lately about the destruction of rainforests in South-East Asia, home to some of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world, with the threat of losing these forests and destroying the livelihood of native people, animals such as the orangutan, Sumatran tiger populations and other important wildlife.

We set out to find sustainable palm wax and, therefore, partnered with a member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This organisation was founded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), government bodies and industry involved in palm cultivation. The RSPO was founded to develop and define best practices for sustainable palm cultivation and to protect the environment.


The palm tree produces fruits in bunches which are then harvested and sent to palm oil mills to undergo sterilisation, bunch stripping, oil extraction, oil clarification and purification. The palm kernel has one of the highest oil contents of any plant, so a lot of wax can be grown in a small amount of space. This crude palm oil is then further processed to remove the fatty free acids and colouring. The quality of oil is food grade.

The refined palm oil then undergoes fractionation, by which Palm Olein and Palm Stearin are produced and these in turn can be further fractionated to obtain specialised products, including palm waxes. All of our palm waxes are made from 100% natural palm oil based raw materials. The various blends of palm waxes are naturally made/formulated from the many fractions of palm oil leading to exciting and different crystal structures. The crystal structure is formed by the differing rate of solidification of the palm fats.


  • Palm waxes/palm wax candles are environmentally friendly
  • All of our palm waxes are non-genetically modified
  • They have a wide application in aromatherapy, with excellent compatibility with fragrance and essential oils
  • One of the hardest natural waxes, meaning it ships well in all climates
  • All natural and 100% palm oil based – during solidification it forms an amazing pattern of crystal structures

For more information on the RSPO please click the link below:

RSPO Certification