We have a great range of soy candles to choose from. Whether you like the elegant lidded jars or something funky like our milkshakes and sundaes, there is sure to be a soy candle for you!!

Excerpt from All Seasons Wax Co & Luxury Candle Supplies

It is crucially important that it is not only our organisation which has a policy on environmental sustainability, but that it filters up the supply chain to the farmers and the producers of our raw materials.
At All Seasons Wax Co we’ve spent weeks and months carefully selecting suppliers which have environmental policies that align with ours.
Our primary raw ingredient aggregator is based in Beijing, is also a recognised member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) and it was our partnership with them which allowed us to become a certified member of the RSPO organisation.
Our soybeans are sourced from one of the largest, high profile agricultural producers in Brazil. Our soya oil is of premium quality and you will notice how clean and easy to work with all of our waxes are.

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